Much like any other town, the town of Manchester, Iowa sure has changed over the years. However, there is one aspect of this Iowa town that hasn't changed since 1974. Its mayor. In fact, it's believed that the Manchester Mayor is the longest-serving  mayor in the state of Iowa.

Milt Kramer has been serving the town of Manchester as its mayor for the past 47 years. But that's all about to change very soon. Milt has decided to retire when his term ends this year.

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KCRG in Iowa is reporting that Milt Kramer has dedicated his life to the town of Manchester. How did he actually become the mayor? Well...someone just asked him to be the mayor after the previous mayor passed away in 1974. He hasn't left his position since that all important request. Now at almost 85-years-old, Milt is simply not quite sure if he can lead the town another four years. “Needless to say it’s taken me all this time to figure out how do you get out of this job,” says Milt to KCRG.

Milt Kramer's service to Manchester would not have been possible without the loving support he received from his wife and his daughters. “She tolerated me for all these years, and she’s in a nursing home right now and I visit her every day and two other individuals that were responsible for my development were my two daughters,” explains Kramer.

When Milt was not running the entire town, he could be found on the basketball court serving as a dedicated basketball coach for 34 years until he hung up his basketball shoes in 1997. He sounds just like a mayor for all the people!

Even though Milt Kramer's work will be finished, he tells KCRG he'll still be helping the town of Manchester in any way that he can.

Thanks for your years of service, Milt! What an accomplishment!


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