A civil war is begin fought between north and south this weekend - not with guns, but with cocktail shakers. Bartenders from Freeport, New York on Long Island are marching south to battle for the rights to claim the origin of the Long Island Iced Tea.

They're headed to Kingsport, Tennessee which insists the drink was first concocted there back in the 1920s by an illegal liquor distributor who lived on Long Island along the Holston River.

However, at Hudson's on the Mile in Freeport, this claim has been tough to swallow. The owner there, Butch Yamali, worked at the Oak Beach Inn in 1976 where he argues the bartender there is the one who invented the Long Island Iced Tea.

So, the plan is they'll settle the skirmish with dueling shots this weekend. So, hopefully by this time next week (if not Monday) we should have a definitive answer as to which town gets to lay claim to the title of 'Birth Place of the Long Island Iced Tea."

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