It was a lonely day for one pooch at the White Bear Lake Children's Library in Minnesota last Wednesday.

Sting, who is a greyhound racer turned therapy dog, is part of the "Paws to Read" program where children ages 4-8 years old come into the library and read to him. But recently no one showed up so owner John Muellner took to Facebook to post photos of the lonely dog.

Since the photos of Sting went up, the post has been shared over 85,000 times and he's now booked through April. According to Kare11, Muellner said "he's been getting requests from people in New Zealand, Argentina and Ireland to video chat with Sting."

People have even called in to video chat with the him!

The library has several other therapy dogs for the program. Librarian Ann Wahlstrom said, "We’re just so touched that people are taking time out of their schedule and loving Sting and giving us a call and checking in."

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