After hearing of the legendary Myron Lee from the iconic band Myron Lee and the Caddies, a mutual friend Craig Jurczewsky offered for us to meet. There have been so many stories of his amazing life, including his launch into stardom from his Sioux Falls home to the Dick Clark performing tour. Hearing stories directly from Myron brings a whole new understanding to this man. What I appreciate the most was how he's handled the unexpected things in life.

Myron knew all the greats, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones, Bobby Vee, and so many others. Because Myron knew I had lived for a decade in Canada, he brought along a concert program from the 50's in Edmonton Alberta, the same town where I lived in the 90's. The radio station that sponsored his performance was the same radio station I worked at some 40 years later.

We talked about writing songs and the thrill of hearing them played on the radio. He described how his wife of over 50 years Carole was a grounding force for him as a safe haven to come back home to after long tours on the road.

Myron Lee (by permission)
Myron Lee (by permission)

"1962 photo with Carole wearing my sweater. Theses were great times to remember. It's from an old Polaroid picture." says Lee in a facebook post.  "We all have favorite time periods as we look back on our lives I'm sure. At this time the band business was really taking off for us and we had a record being played on the radio. Life was good."

 Just as a new Dick Clark tour was about to begin, circumstances changed drastically with the British Invasion and Americans discovering the Beatles.  Suddenly the gigs were drying up and Lee found himself with fewer paid performances.  That was a time of struggle and a huge adjustment, however Myron found a way to continue on.
A new horizon of performances became available in the 1980's with towns across the Midwest celebrating their Centennials and Street dances.  The concert bookings filled up and Myron reflected on it being an incredibly fun time, the silver lining from the setback of the British invasion from years before.
Today Myron and Carole are adjusting again, this time from their days working at a local bank to retirement.  Their new love is seeing movies, up to several a week.  They enjoy a serene back yard with droves of wildlife that greet him daily in the secluded wooded yard of his Sioux Falls home.

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