A New York financial company has been taking a long hard look at South Dakota, and what they've discovered is impressing them, especially in the opportunities for residents to save money.

SmartAsset has crunched the numbers to determine that Lincoln County is the best place in the state to put down roots and raise the balance in your bank account.  Lincoln County fared well in a nationwide comparison, placing number 22 overall.

Notice that a couple of Counties are missing on the list?  Minnehaha (19 in the state, 394 nationally)  and Pennington County (31 in the state, 601 nationally) didn't make the top ten.

RankCountyMedian Household IncomeCost of LivingPurchasing PowerEstimated Tax RateBest Places to Save Index
1Lincoln, SD$76,094$30,3542.5012.00%80.00
2Union, SD$64,471$29,6102.2012.00%68.00
3Hanson, SD$60,741$29,0342.1012.00%65.00
4Sully, SD$60,417$29,0342.1012.00%65.00
5Hamlin, SD$58,602$29,1782.0012.00%62.00
6Hughes, SD$59,177$29,4782.0012.00%62.00
7Stanley, SD$56,829$29,4901.9012.00%59.00
8Edmunds, SD$56,000$29,2381.9012.00%58.00
9McCook, SD$56,954$30,3541.9012.00%57.00
10Kingsbury, SD$53,828$29,0101.9012.00%56.00

What methodology was used to determine the rankings?  SmartAsset went by each county to determine the cost of living, incorporate a two person household with one income, and compared the cost of taxes.

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