You have that one friend (or maybe two or three or four). You look through Facebook or Twitter or whatever digital platform you prefer, and they're there.

And there.

And there, too.

A picture at the restaurant. A picture at the bar. A picture with their dog, their cat. A picture in the kitchen and a picture standing next to their car in the parking lot at the grocery store.

A selfie...over and over and over.

Well, that friend may be afflicted with the latest addiction. Selfitis.

Nope, I'm not kidding. According to Business Insider 'Selfitis' is a...well, thing.

A couple psychologists argue that selfitis is a real condition and can be diagnosed as excessive selfie taking. According to these guys, those with the condition suffer from a lack of self confidence and are seeking to 'fit in' with those around them.

Ah yes, just what we need, something else to be addicted to (oh, hold on while I bite this finger nail). So if you see that one or more friends over and over and over on your smartphone, tell 'em you like 'em and they fit in just fine.

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