Well there it is in the rear view mirror...Christmas And there, up ahead? The New Year.

And with the New Year comes a lot of great things to look forward to. But for most of us, one of those things isn't tax time (Insert a big sigh here).

When i was a kid back in the olden days we called tax time 'Stay Away From Dad Time'. It was stay away from all those receipts on the kitchen table time.

The good news is, there are ways to take advantage of last-minute moves to save on taxes in 2018. Forbes knows taxes, and has some ideas on how to do just that. For example, they talk about giving to charity. Also scheduling those last minute medical procedures.

I was looking through their 10 ideas and saw phrases like 'Get rid of the losers', 'Chat with the pro's' and 'But more stuff'. Honestly, some of these things aren't for everybody, but some of them certainly are for somebody and that somebody could be you and me!

So give a quick check of all 10 things, utilize what works for you, and lessen the tension that is tax time. And have a great and prosperous 2019!


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