One is a Country Music legend. One was at or near the top of the Country Music chart throughout the 1970's. One helped us party in the 1980's.

They are the great Mel's in Country Music history.

Mr. Tillis. Mr. Street. Mr. McDaniel. You can't go wrong with any of the great Mel's.

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This weekend on a KXRB Double Barrel Saturday (10/22) we'll be honoring the great Mel's of Country Music. Yes, there's been great George's and Hank's. What we'll be doing is focusing on the Mel's.

One is a legend. Mel Tillis has more country music awards than you can shake a stick at. He won the CMA's most coveted award, Entertainer of the Year. A member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and of course, an honored member of the prestigious Country Music Hall of Fame. Stutterin' Mel is one of country music's all-time greatest artists.

The 1970s in country music was the decade where the late great Mel Street was at or near the top of the country music singles chart 13 times...yes, in that decade alone! One of the great country 'cheatin' song singers, if you loved country music in the '70s, you loved the great Mel Street.

And in the 1980s, Mel McDaniel took us all on a fun ride with hits like 'Stand Up', 'Big Old Brew', and one of the best sing-along hits of all time 'Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On'. There's a reason this Mel was called the 'quintessential happy song' singer.

Join us this Saturday (10/22) from 11 AM-5 PM as we celebrate Our Pal Mel on a KXRB Double Barrel Saturday!

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