The Sioux Empire offers kids a variety of programs and clubs to join that allows them to stay active all-year-round.  But for children who are trying to find their confidence and utilize their resources to develop their cognitive as well as physical skills, Kid At Heart will guide them in their quests to accomplish these goals.

Kid At Heart was formed in the spring of this year with one goal: "to empower youth and confidently conquer life's obstacles."  President and CEO, Travis Petermann loves to compete through Spartan races and obstacles.  Petermann also has a passion for volunteering.  Through the Kid At Heart organization, Petermann was able to combine his love for competition and volunteering.

Credit: Kid At Heart

"Through years of research, I found the Spartan Edge program for kids.  This program is for kids ages 6-16 offers a program that's not just physical fitness based, but more on the mental strength," says President and CEO Travis Petermann.

The organization has been working with different non-profit groups and schools throughout the Sioux Empire.  The camps run after school Monday through Friday.  Peterman explains, "We take them (the kids) outside and we're presenting them with these different workouts and challenges.  So they are carrying sandbags, they're bear crawling, army crawling, and running sprints.  The funny thing is that they're smiling through the entire thing."

Credit" Kid At Heart

Due to technology-based activities which afford children very little exercise, Petermann saw a need to start this organization to help children start moving again.  Not only is he teaching them different types of workouts and obstacles, Petermann is also teaching them how to participate in physical activities in a safe manner.  "We're teaching total body mobility. So we are teaching them the right way to do exercises in a safe way," states Petermann.  "We're getting them (kind of) down and dirty, like back when we were kids."

Visit Kid At Heart to find out how your child can get involved.

Source: Kid At Heart