As children anticipate the big night of Trick or Treating coming up, we adults need to think about making sure the kids don't end up in harm's way.

Face it, Halloween is a dangerous night when you add it up. Little kids running everywhere racing to the next house for candy in the dark.

They are wearing costumes that most likely impair their vision, such as masks with small and out of place eye holes. So with just that in mind, the first thing on your list is to drive with extreme caution.

This is way worse than driving in a school zone on the first day of school. Most importantly, don't even think of having your smart phone in your hand.

Next up, let's take a look at some very smart safety tips for your child's Trick or Treating:

  • Take a flash light
  • Wear some reflective tape
  • Put a note with each child listing parent's name, phone number and address in case the child gets lost. Inform the child to ask for help at the next house.
  • Wear light colored clothing so drivers can see them
  • Wear make-up instead of masks

And one last thing that's not fun to talk about, but this day and age, we have to. It is recommended to check for registered sex offenders in the neighborhood. Go to the online sex offender registry. If you have never been there, you can just Google it.

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