It seems like every time I turn around, somebody else pops up preaching climate change. It's now a major thrust behind some new names running for public office.

The latest, that of the position of President of the United States. New candidates talking and hinging their promises on the so-called "Green New Deal".

Please don't misinterpret what I'm saying. I do believe climate change should be taken seriously. And I also listen closely to what legitimate science studies have proven.

But using the topic as a way to get votes is another story. Especially when I hear proposals that are lacking in specifics.

One industry that I would like to see completely protected from climate change action is the beef industry. I have been a spokesman for beef for many years and I have been honored multiple times by the beef industry.

I encourage the people behind the Green New Deal, not to target the cattle business. Please allow me to share some facts that back up my statement:

U.S. beef producers have already made a great deal of progress on environmental issues like climate change, such as producing the same amount of beef with 33 percent fewer cattle, compared to 1977.

Let me also point out that beef producers in the U.S. now have one of the lowest carbon footprints compared to many of their worldwide counterparts. My cattle raising friends now are producing only 2 percent of all carbon emissions in the United States.

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