The Milwaukee Brewers are kind of the Kato Kaelin of Major League Baseball: they were relevant a long time ago, but people have pretty much forgotten they're still here.

You remember Kaelin, don't you? He was the man staying in O.J. Simpson's guest house on the night when Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered. He testified at O.J.'s trial and became a sideshow celebrity. Well, in the same week that O.J. learned he would be paroled, Kaelin, 58, has also resurfaced. It's like it's 1994 all over again.

Kaelin is a big-time Milwaukee Brewers fan. Yeah, they exist. And while the Brew Crew hasn't even been to the World Series since 1982 (when Kim Kardashian was barely two years old), Kaelin remains a loyal, if not frustrated, fan, as evidenced by his recent tweets, in which he calls out GM David Stearns, manager Craig Counsell, first baseman-outfielder Eric Thames and All-Star closer Craig Knebel.

Keep in mind the Brewers are in first place, as of this writing. Can you imagine what Kato would be tweeting if they were in last?

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