What are people wearing to work in Sioux Falls these days? Is it dress clothes or are we going more casual?

I see a number of office workers removing the suit coat and tie, and donning more casual clothing. I even see construction guys in shorts.

You don't have to go to Hawaii to see flower print shirts either. I think more companies are relaxing the dress code.

Goldman Sachs, the fifth largest U.S. bank, has unbuttoned its dress code to help attract and retain tech talent. That's just one example of major companies finally understanding that dress codes really matter in keeping employees happy.

Businesses are lightening up on their dress codes because of the low unemployment rate. But does a relaxed dress code lead to relaxed work ethic?

For me, I say absolutely not. You work best when you feel the most comfortable. Don't get me wrong, no pajamas and look presentable. But nice casual is allowed at my place.

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