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All of Minnesota has been on high alert after the latest black bear sightings.  Over 13 bear sightings have been spotted alone in and around the Rochester, Minnesota area.  And what shocked a ton of Minnesotans over the weekend was the news of the bear attack on a woman in the Brainerd, Minnesota area.  Now, thanks to the photos being released, we can see how bad the attack truly was.

Horrifying Encounter with Bear Leaves Brainerd, Minnesota Woman With Multiple Injuries (PHOTOS)

On Friday, May 26th, the news spread quickly in Minnesota of a bear attack on a woman.  It was dark out as she was letting her dog out and quickly realized that the dog wasn't alone.  She went outside and what happened next is a memory she probably will never forget.

Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash
Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash

The Cass County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota just released the following statement and photos from the bear attack:

Cass County Sheriff Bryan Welk reports that on May 26th 2023 the Cass County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an adult female, age 65, of Minneapolis, MN, that was attacked by a black bear during the previous evening at a cabin in Fairview Township, rural Nisswa, Minnesota, resulting in injury and medical treatment. The investigation indicated that the female had let their dog outside around midnight on May 25th 2023, when she heard the dog having a confrontation with something. She went outside to bring the dog in and encountered a black bear. She was struck by the bear in the chest and arm and knocked to the ground. Family members heard the struggle and were able to scare the bear from the victim and yard. The victim was taken to a Brainerd, MN hospital, receiving treatment for injuries to her shoulder, chest, and back area from the struggle. (see attached photos shared by permission of the victim)

Cass County Sheriff's Office / Walker Minnesota
Cass County Sheriff's Office / Walker Minnesota

See the full post at the Cass County Sheriffs' Office Facebook page.


Locations Near Rochester, Minnesota Where Bears Have Been Spotted

I've been sharing updates regarding the bear sightings near Rochester.  Some of the latest have been near the Watson Soccer Fields as well as Century High School.  You can see all of the spots where sightings have occurred near Rochester at the latest story here.

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Helpful Safety Tips if You Encounter a Bear in Minnesota

Keeping a safe distance isn't the only safety tip for Minnesotans to follow.  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Cass County Sheriff's Office included the following few reminders for the public:

  • Watch from a safe distance or from inside to assess why it is there (for example, is there a food source like birdseed attracting it?).
  • Wait and see if the bear leaves on its own. If the bear does not leave on its own but approaches (e.g., comes up on the deck or puts its paws on windows or doors), it’s time to try to scare it away: boldly shout, bang pots, slam doors, or throw something.
  • If you have bear spray, remove the safety, and be ready to use it if the bear approaches you.
  • If a bear shows some defensive behavior (ex. quick burst of aggression, pop its jaws, swat at the ground while blowing or snorting, bluff charge toward you) do the following:
    • Try to appear non-threatening
    • Speak to the bear in a calm tone and slowly back away. Do not run.
    • If you have bear spray, remove the safety, and point it toward the bear. Starting with a quick spray is OK, as that will not make the bear aggressive.
    • If the bear retreats, leave the area immediately.

What type of bear spray is best?

A question many in Minnesota are now wondering is "What bear spray is the best"?  According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, one of the best options for bear spray is one that contains a hot pepper liquid like capsaicin.

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