Amid the cloud of the pandemic, there is good all around us. You see it everywhere you look. Good people, doing good things. Justin Waggoner and those who work for Juna Sleep Systems in Sioux Falls are some of those people.

For over six years, Justin and his gang at Juna Sleep Systems have been selling high-quality mattresses, as well as pillows and other accessories to provide customers with a better sleep experience.

A few weeks ago, when all of this was becoming our reality, an employee approached Justin with the idea of making masks. Justin liked the idea and the business sprang into action. Fast forward to today and they are churning out between 50 and 100 masks a day, mainly for Avera Health. They will also be providing masks for Midco soon.


They're not doing it alone either. Hometown 605 (the arts and crafts store in Harrisburg) is helping cut the fabric. These masks are 100 % cotton, with a pocket filter, and fabric that shapes to your face.

If you want to help them keep this going, head on over to their website. Whatever you purchase helps them make more masks. You can also see what they're up to on Facebook. It's just another example of good people, doing good things.

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