Students around the world adapted to remote learning methods when the COVID-19 pandemic became a reality.  Instead of just staying at home watching television or sleeping in, students at Dakota Wesleyan University stepped up and volunteered throughout their communities.

During the last week of April, #DWUcares on Twitter showcased Dakota Wesleyan University students around the Sioux Empire and beyond doing little acts of kindness and volunteer work.  The hashtag #DWUcares which evolved as a result of the newly created DWU Cares initiative was a global success.  #DWUcares usually is about supporting the students at the university.  However, the COVID-19 crisis has created a new meaning for this two-day event.

According to an article in the Daily Republic, the #DWUcares initiative involved students, faculty, staff, administration, coaches, and alumni of the university.  Due to the coronavirus, students were sent home in an effort to comply with social distancing guidelines mandated by the CDC.  While at home, the students were able to use their free time to make a positive difference in their communities.  Dakota Wesleyan University challenged its students to go the extra mile and truly follow the school's mission statement.

Dakota Wesleyan University students were picking up trash, volunteering at food banks, cleaning up areas around their neighborhoods or school, and gardening to make the world a little bit brighter.  They even sent cards to essential workers and senior citizen homes.

It's no secret we are living in unprecedented time.  So, it is so awesome to see a university come together for the greater good of others.

Way to go, Tiger family!

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