Shortly after 9:00 PM on May 1 (2018) Jolene Loetscher addressed a crowd of supporters at Swamp Daddy's and The Source Roastery and Taproom at the Jones 421 Building in Sioux Falls as she conceded the race for Mayor.

While she held her one year old daughter and her husband stood by her side, Loetscher thanked supporters, recounted the positive experiences in the journey and encouraged those who had voted or volunteered for the first time to continue in making a difference.

"This is the City of Opportunity. And today we proved that with the victory of possibility." said Loetcher.  "A year ago, we never knew this journey would happen. And yet here we are. What we did is only the beginning. We registered voters from every neighborhood of Sioux Falls. We watched people come out to vote and to volunteer for the first time. And we started conversations and asked questions, because we’re not scared of the answers."

Loetscher recounted the impact on Sioux Falls voters despite having 25 percent of the campaign funding in comparison to her opponent.  She also wished TenHaken well and said they would pray for him and their family.



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