Johnny Paycheck is one of country music's great legend's, but to many people, he'll be remembered most for essentially two things:

1) The 1977 working man's anthem, 'Take This Job And Shove It'

and 2) An important member of country music's famous 'Outlaw Movement'.

Long haired, scruffy, an artist who did it his own way, establishment be damned. That's what many of us loved about Johnny, Waylon, Willie and others. These guys weren't your daddy's country music artist's. Nope, they were ours! Rebellious...renegades...mavericks and more.

But every country music 'outlaw' had a beginning to a great career. We've seen images of Willie in a suit and tie, short hair, singing his beautiful classics. We've seen Waylon, hair slicked back and backed with a ton of strings, singing those beautiful songs.

And so it is with our 'Take This Job And Shove It' legend. One of Johnny's early hit's was a song he wrote called 'A-11'. Check out our pre-outlaw Johnny singing that great classic.

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