"Lookin' for Love" hitmaker Johnny Lee has a new album, You Ain't Never Been to Texas, coming soon, and he's giving The Boot's readers the inside scoop on -- and the first listen to -- the record's title track.

In the video above, Lee reveals that he heard "Never Been to Texas" for the first time while doing acoustic shows with a friend, who also happens to be one of the song's writers. He asked his friend if he could record the tune ... and the rest is history.

"I knew it was a great song," says Lee. "But especially when I do it in Texas, people -- it blows them away."

"Never Been to Texas" begins by exploring the mindset of an evolutionist, and then the chorus responds to that wondering about where we all came from: "He ain't never seen a sunset out West / A cactus or a paintbrush bloom in the springtime / He ain't never heard a coyote crying / A young colt taking off running for the first time / Well, I thought a lot about it / Sometimes we overthink it / But the only thing that makes any sense is / If you don't believe in God / You ain't never been to Texas."

"Never Been to Texas" offers up just the right amount of Texas pride; it's the type of song that any Texan would raise a celebratory fist to and sing along to happily. It's safe to say that this track will certainly be a hit with Texans, and, Lee admits, it also helps win over country fans in other states.

You Ain't Never Been to Texas will be Lee's first studio album in 10 years, but the artist is no stranger to hit songs: His 1980 single "Lookin' for Love" became a crossover hit, spending three weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's country singles chart and also hitting the Top 5 on the pop charts. Fans can pre-order Lee's new album, set for release on June 3, on his official website.

Hear Johnny Lee's "Never Been to Texas"

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