Jelly Belly has created every type of jelly bean you can think of including "Chocolate Pudding" and "Caramel Corn."  But what happens to the sweet treats that don't look "bean-shaped."  Well, they are packed into the "Belly Flop" bags!

According to Jelly Belly experts, they believe that every bean they create has a purpose and no delicious snack should go to waste. This is especially true for misshaped jelly beans.  Jelly Belly states, "Because we’re so passionate about making sure every last bean has a special home (in your stomach, preferably), we offer our less-than-perfect jelly beans as Jelly Belly Belly Flops. These irregular jelly beans are perfect for those candy lovers who are all about the legendary Jelly Belly flavors and don’t mind a little bit of visual imperfection!"

The uniquely shaped jelly beans could be shaped like a circle, square, or rectangle!  Some beans might not even match their flavor to their color.  It's truly a sweet mystery surprise! Each bag has randomly selected Belly Flop beans, therefore you'll never know what flavor you are choosing!

You can find Belly Flops at your local stores like the Dollar Tree.  You can also purchase a bag online at the Jelly Belly website.

Source: Jelly Belly

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