There's a huge concert taking place this Friday, September 15th at the Sanford Pentagon. This show is sure to be a "hole-in-one!"

Last year, our friends at Sanford International started a new tradition by kicking off the annual PGA Tour Champions golf tournament with a concert. The officials with the Sanford International made the exciting announcement in April this year country star Jake Owen will take the stage.

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The Sanford International will also welcome Jocko Deal to open the show for Jake Owen. Plus, golf Legend John Daly will join his friend Jocko Deal on stage. Apparently, John Daly has released three studio albums. His nickname off the golf course is “The Human Jukebox.” Who knew?! 

This is set to be a big show to celebrate the return of the Sanford International. There's even a special ticket deal happening right now. This deal is awesome for anyone who loves country music and golf!

Great Shots in Sioux Falls is partnering with the Sanford International to offer a ticket deal for the concert. When you purchase a ticket to a show, you'll also get a free hour of golf at Great Shots!

If you buy a ticket to see Jake Owen at the Sanford International LIVE! and enter code: GREATSHOTS at checkout, you will receive a free hour of golf at Great Shots!

This is a perfect treat for golfers who want to spend more time at the range before the weather gets colder. Here are other ticket details for the show:

  • Concert General Admission + Friday Grounds Access at Sanford International = $65
  • Concert VIP + Friday Grounds Access at Sanford International = $275
  • Concert VIP + Friday PREMIER Club Access at Sanford International = $525 ($50 savings)

We can't wait to watch world-class golf and see Jake Owen perform at the Sanford Pentagon this Friday!

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