It was just under a year ago that former US Senate candidate Annette Bosworth was arrested for election law violations. On Wednesday on May 27, 2015, a jury in Pierre found her guilty of all 12 charges against her.

After her arrest in June 2014, Bosworth accused Attorney General Marty Jackley of prosecuting her for political and personal reasons.

"I think the jury sent a message in South Dakota that our elections are sacred, and that the election process is important," said Jackley.

During her trial, Bosworth admitted to signing nominating petitions while she was out of the country, but her defense argued she was given bad legal advice.

Bosworth made headlines throughout her failed campaign, but Jackley says none of her comments played a role in this case.

"I know that there were a lot of campaign tactics put in place. We pretty much ignored those matters and we've really stuck to our job," said Jackley.

Jackley says it was nothing more than evidence that led to Bosworth's arrest, and ultimately her conviction.

"We received a complaint from the Secretary of State's office. It went through a grand jury process, the court has overseen all the proceedings, and now a South Dakota jury has spoken," said Jackley.

Each count against Bosworth carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison, for a combined total 24 years. But Jackley says that sentence is unlikely.

"Under South Dakota law, a nonviolent crime such as this has a presumption of no or very little actual jail time," said Jackley.

Bosworth's attorney says they plan to appeal her conviction.

Her sentencing is scheduled for July 1.

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