Can you imagine winning a mountain of cash? You'd be able to go on a massive shopping spree and splurge on the things you've always wanted, you could plan an extravagant vacation, or pay off your debts, giving yourself a fresh start as you step into 2024.

Several lucky people have scored big jackpots at a Minnesota casino, and while they haven't said how they'll spend their money, I'm certain they'll be able to treat themselves to something nice. See the recent jackpots that have been paid out below.

Slot machines are the go-to choice for casino gaming nationwide. They're flashy, easy to play with little skill required, and offer the thrilling potential to hit substantial jackpots!

Over at Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Welch, Minnesota, there's a whopping collection of nearly 2,000 slot machines. The TI gaming floor has 40 table games, a poker room, video poker, and keno too.

Treasure Island Resort & Casino's Recent Jackpot Winners

Treasure Island congratulated some big winners on its Facebook page recently. Below you'll see the games the lucky individuals were playing and the amount they won.

$25,000 Jackpot!

Think about the rush you get when the machine lights up and the bells and whistles go off to signal an employee to come over to verify the jackpot.

I've never won a massive jackpot or been around when it happened, but I imagine it is quite the spectacle with the winner and everyone playing near them celebrating.

Video Poker: Royal Flush!


I'm not confident enough to sit at a poker table, but I do love playing video poker, and I have won before. Never this much though, my biggest win was probably $80.

At Treasure Island, winners have the option to stay anonymous. So instead of sharing a picture of the winner, the casino will post a photo of the machine before clearing the payout information.

Another $40,000 Winner

Treasure Island shared four winners recently on its Facebook page. See the final winner below.

What would you do if you won a big jackpot? 

We talk about this on our radio show from time to time, especially when the Powerball gets high, and we've found that most people would be responsible with their winnings. Or they say they would be. Most say they'd pay off debt before going on luxurious vacations or shopping sprees.

$124,098 Winner

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