There might be a considerable amount of money in your sofa cushions if you're lucky enough to have this state quarter lying around.

The internet is a buzz with an exceedingly rare state quarter that could be hiding in your loose change at this very moment. The quarters aren't even all that old, all things considered, but they do have a distinct trait that makes them extremely valuable.

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Check Your Change For This Wisconsin State Quarter

Credit: Treasure Town via YouTube
Credit: Treasure Town via YouTube

This isn't just any old Wisconsin quarter though, otherwise, we'd all be rich. These quarters were made in error, and because of that, you could be standing on a gold mine if you've got one.

According to Wisconsin State News, the error took place with the 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter.

Wisconsin state quarters from the 50 State Quarters Program, produced by the U.S. Mint, feature a cow, a peeled husk of corn, and a sliced wheel of cheese. The quarters were released in 2004. There is a small design difference, though, that shows an extra leaf on the illustrated corn husk. The ones made in error have an extra leaf on the left side of the corn cob on the coin. There are, according to the U.S. Mint, approximately 50,000 of these extra leaf quarters that were minted.

-Wisconsin State News

To learn more about these unique quarters, check out the YouTube video below, or read the article from Wisconsin State News here.

Story Source: Wisconsin News Website

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