The Inaugural season of Augustana Hockey both here in Sioux Falls and on the road was a big success.

Fans are very excited and already awaiting year number two for the program, and those fans were rewarded with a big chunk of the schedule being released on Tuesday.

The CCHA, the conference in which Augustana belongs, announced their full schedule for the 2024-25 season on Tuesday, and Augie has a full slate of games both home and away.

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The remainder of the schedule still needs to be filled in and announced, but we have a great slate of action already on the books.

A full voting member, Augustana is playing a transitional schedule against CCHA competition with 16 games (one series against each member) for the final time in the 2024-25 season before playing a full league schedule in the 2025-26 season. Augustana is immediately eligible for NCAA Tournament consideration.

Augustana's CCHA Slate
Nov. 1 at St. Thomas
Nov. 2 at St. Thomas
Nov. 8 vs Bemidji State
Nov. 9 vs Bemidji State
Nov. 22 at Ferris State
Nov. 23 at Ferris State
Nov. 29 vs Northern Michigan
Nov. 30 vs Northern Michigan
Jan. 24 at Bowling Green
Jan. 25 at Bowling Green
Jan. 31 vs Lake Superior State
Feb. 1 vs Lake Superior State
Feb. 7 at Minnesota State
Feb. 8 at Minnesota State
Feb. 14 vs Michigan Tech
Feb. 15 vs Michigan Tech

It's going to be another fun season of Augustana Hockey ahead. For more information, including ticketing and more, visit!


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