Those that are fans of South Dakota and South Dakota State are well aware of the long history of disrespect and ignorance from the national media.

Well, we have another new funny (not really funny) chapter to add to the list.

The South Dakota State Jackrabbit Men's and Women's teams are gearing up for their respective appearances in March Madness, but there's only one problem:

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South Dakoka State doesn't ring as well off of the tongue. That's right, South Dakoka.

When going to print off brackets on Monday in show prep, I noticed that the printer friendly PDF on had one glaring error concerning our most important team in this year's tournament.

See for yourself: Printable PDF Bracket Printable PDF Bracket

Luckily, the Women's bracket does not have the same issue.

I'm surprised to say that after noticing the error this morning that it still hasn't been changed.

If you follow the 'print bracket' link at the top right of the bracket at this link, you can see for yourself.

It never ends. Maybe this year we will actually see real SDSU highlights ahead of the matchup, or at least have our team's name, mascot, or college town correct. We'll see.

Until we see it for ourselves, sit down, take in the action, and pass me Dakoka Cola.

Source: Bracket Challenge

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