The Minnesota Vikings have been among the most consistent teams in the NFL over the past decade, accumulating 92 wins over the past 10 seasons.

Those 10 seasons also include 4 playoff appearances, and a 2-4 playoff record.

One statistic that tracks a team's off-the-field activity isn't so kind to the purple and gold.

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The Minnesota Vikings recently have been among the most troubled franchises when it comes to run ins with the law.

According to Flash Picks, the Vikings are the worst team in the NFL in regard to their players getting into legal trouble since 2000:

In first place are the Minnesota Vikings, who, since 2000, have seen players be arrested 60 times.  With the average franchise seeing just 33 arrests over the time period, the Vikings saw an arrest rate over 80% higher than average.


Fellow NFC North neighbor Chicago was #10 on the list with 36 arrests.

Here's the top 5:

1) Minnesota Vikings - 60

2) Denver Broncos - 56

3) Cincinnati Bengals - 54

4) Jacksonville Jaguars - 45

5) Kansas City Chiefs - 43

You can check out the full article at FlashPicks.

Source: FlashPicks

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