When you go to the ballpark to watch your favorite baseball team it's inevitable to hit the concession stand for a beer, soda, hot dog, or popcorn. These days the choices are endless, depending on what part of the country you are in.

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Beer prices at Major League Baseball parks are sometimes jaw-dropping. You almost have to budget your thirst.

Baseball Beer Prices

At Target Field in Minneapolis, the home of the Minnesota Twins, ordering a beer will not break the bank. With the league average at $6.98 per beer, that's still more than the $4.99 you'll pay while watching the Twins.

Minnesota Twins baseball fans will also find a hot dog for under $4.00. And, there are $7.00 ticket prices on the upper level of Target Field.

All in all, a family can enjoy a Minnesota Twins game without asking their parents for a loan.

Most Expensive Beer In Baseball

Did you think quenching your thirst at Dodger Stadium would be the most expensive? Think again. The Washington Nationals are getting $14.99 for one beer. And, their hot dogs are $7.00.

I will still choose Target Field and the Minnesota Twins any day, or night for a baseball game.

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