Deep snow in Sioux Falls is fun for some, and trouble for many. Especially if the snow isn't cleared away from vital locations around your home.

One of these areas should be quite obvious. The fire hydrant that is on your property. As a homeowner, if the fire hydrant sits on your property it is your responsibility to make sure snow is cleared away from it.

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Just like the Sioux Falls City Ordinance of clearing snow from your sidewalk, take the extra minute or two in giving easy access to fire department crews should an emergency arise in your neighborhood.


Now let's move on to some other critical areas where snow is likely to accumulate.


Gas meter
It's easy to overlook this home necessity but most important to make sure it's not covered up with snow. Also, make sure to clear overhanging ice. Never use a hard tool to remove snow or ice from the meter as this may cause damage. Just use a broom or your hand.

Photo of old furnace

Furnace Vent Pipes
Most newer furnace systems have a 2-pipe system where one pipe intakes fresh outside air and the other vents flue exhaust gases to the outside.


Plumbing Vent
Plumbing vents allow air to enter the drainage system, which keeps the pressure even and allows the wastewater to flow out quickly and efficiently.

living room with fireplace decor design

Gas Fireplace Vent
One of the signs that your fireplace isn't working could be an excess of snow built up around the outside vent. Always keep a clear area around the vent to prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide in your home.

Man Doing Laundry Reaching Inside Washing Machine

Dryer Vent
Not too many people have a clothesline any longer. The practice of hanging out the wash is more or less obsolete. So keeping your dryer vent clear of snow and the vent pipe cleaned regularly will prevent lint buildup and prevent fires. Try attaching your leaf blower to the inside portion of the pipe.


Clearing the deep snow away from your gutters will prevent ice dams when warmer temps begin to melt the snow, but later freeze causing ice dams.

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