In business, nothing beats brand loyalty. All of those repeat customers help to keep stores open and bottom lines fulfilled.

So which local brands have the highest levels of love among their faithful?

The Daily Mail is sharing the findings of a new study from OnDeck which analyzed nearly two million posts on Twitter about different 500 brands, revealing the most-loved local brand in each state based on the number of positive tweets received.

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Daktronics Board
Getty Images

The Brookings-based company was founded in 1968 and designs, manufactures, sells, and services video displays, scoreboards, digital billboards, message signs, sound systems, and related products.

56.9% of tweets about Daktronics were positive.

Von Maur
Google Maps Street View

The Davenport-based department was founded in 1872, and currently 38 locations across the United States.

77.3% of tweets about Von Maur were positive. That is the fifth-highest rate in America.

Maurices building - Duluth MN
Getty Stock/ThinkStock

The Duluth-based women's clothing retail chain has been around since 1931 and currently has more than 1,000 stores in the United States and Canada.

65.3% of tweets about Maurices were positive.

The Most Loved Local Brands

The brand with the most local love in America is Darn Tough Vermont which scored positive Tweets 92.6% of time.

My Top 5 Favorite South Dakota Made Foods

As I was slicing a piece of cheese off my block of Dimock Dairy Colby cheese and boiling a ring of Bluebird Locker German sausage on the stove, I started thinking, "What foods is South Dakota known for?'

Then I realized the state is known for some of my favorite foods, are they're actually made right here in South Dakota!

So, I decided to search my cupboards and refrigerator looking for other South Dakota-made foods and came up with my Top 5.

Iowa Palmer Company's Twin Bing Products

Can you even really claim to live in this part of the country if you've never had a Twin Bing?


"It consists of two round, chewy, cherry-flavored nougats coated with a mixture of chopped peanuts and chocolate. The Twin Bing was introduced in the 1960s," -Wikipedia

Not only has the TB been a staple of the Sioux Empire for over half a decade, but the makers of the classic candy have also infused the unique cherry and chocolate flavor into lots of other things.

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