In this part of the United States, we pride ourselves on enjoying life at a much slower pace than most of the rest of the country.

That is until we open our mouths.

A new study from Preply shows that half of the top ten fastest-talking states are in our neck of the woods.

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They analyzed data from two nationwide studies based on YouTube videos and call recordings to determine which states were home to the quickest and slowest tounges.

The most rapid speakers in America are in Minnesota.

Residents of the North Star State spit out 5.34 syllables per second, well above the national average (5.09).

Iowans weren't too far behind at number three on the list with 5.3 syllables per second.

South Dakotans check in at eighth overall, with 5.27 syllables per second.

FASTEST TALKING STATES (Syllables per Second)

  1. Minnesota: 5.34
  2. Oregon: 5.33
  3. Iowa: 5.30
  4. Kansas: 5.30
  5. North Dakota: 5.29
  6. Massachusetts: 5.28
  7. New Hampshire: 5.28
  8. South Dakota: 5.27
  9. Nebraska: 5.25
  10. Vermont: 5.23

There is a bit of irony here.

While the tri-state area is home to some of the fastest talkers in the nation, we apparently don't have a lot to say around these parts.

Research shows that Iowa and Minnesota are the least talkative states, with South Dakota sixth.

Folks are most talkative in New York, California, and New Jersey.

On the opposite end of the fast-talking spectrum, it turns out that speaking with a Southern drawl really puts the brakes on how quickly the words come out of your mouth.

SLOWEST TALKING STATES (Syllables per Second)

  1. Louisiana: 4.78
  2. South Carolina: 4.80
  3. Mississippi 4.82
  4. Alabama: 4.87
  5. Georgia: 4.89
  6. New Mexico: 4.90
  7. Arkansas: 4.93
  8. North Carolina: 4.93
  9. Texas: 4.95
  10. Illinois: 4.96

When it comes to the fastest-talking city in America, very few places speak more rapidly than residents of Sioux Falls.

South Dakota's largest city trails only Portland, Oregon and Denver with an impressive 5.34 syllables per second.

Jacksonville, Florida, and Springfield, Massachusetts round out the top five.

Residents of Peoria, Illinois (4.71 syllables per second) are the slowest talkers in America, followed by folks in Huntsville, Alabama; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; and Atlanta.

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