If you missed the solar eclipse yesterday, you weren't alone! Due to gloomy conditions, we couldn't really see a thing here in the Northland. That means I am already gearing up for the next one visible for the U.S. in 2044.

Despite the cloudy weather and the fact that we weren't able to see much, a lot of Minnesotans prepared anyway, buying eclipse glasses so they could try to see the little bit visible in our neck of the woods.

Get Rid Of Your Eclipse Glasses

If you are one of those people, don't toss your glasses! Instead, you can donate them to a good cause and be environmentally friendly in the meantime, too.

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Total Solar Eclipse Stretches Across North America From Mexico To Canada
Ron Jenkins, Getty Images

How Can I Get Rid Of Them?

If you want to ditch your glasses instead of hanging on to them for the next 20 years, there are a few ways you can dispose of them.

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Make sure your glasses are not bent or scratched, as they will be donated and used once again by teachers and students around the world.

Warby Parker Collecting Glasses

You can take your eclipse glasses to any Warby Parker store before the end of the month. They will donate all solar eclipse glasses they receive at that time to Astronomers Without Borders.

There are five locations in Minnesota in the following cities:

  • Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka
  • North Loop in Minneapolis
  • Rosedale Mall in Roseville
  • The Galleria in Edina
  • The Mall Of America in Bloomington

Send Yours To Eclipse Glasses USA

Here's another way you can donate your glasses! Eclipse Glasses USA has a P.O. Box you can send your glasses to. They will then be sent to children in countries that may not have access to eclipse glasses.

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The glasses can be made out to the following address:

Eclipse Glasses USA LLC

P.O. Box 50571

Provo, Utah 84605

You do have to pay for the shipping yourself but it should be cheap, considering the glasses are lightweight. Pay the few bucks and do some good! If you can't donate the glasses, make sure to recycle them appropriately.

Total Solar Eclipse Stretches Across North America From Mexico To Canada
Ron Jenkins, Getty Images

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