Thanksgiving is known to all as "Turkey Day" right? It's all about enjoying the perfectly cooked turkey.

I think you'll agree that it's really not about the turkey. it's about the side dishes.

Take a look at your plate before you take that first bite of the meal that's going to put you into misery. You will see some turkey, but a whole lot of other dishes.

For me, it's mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, corn, and hot biscuits. Then I also need sweet potatoes and of course cranberries.

We are not done yet as I'm now pushing things together tighter on my plate to make some room. I would like celery and radishes both with lots of salt. Also please pass the pickles and olives.

Now pour some wine and let's eat. Wow, my plate's full, look at all that great food! And somewhere in there is a little turkey.

i know I left out some of your favorites, like perhaps green bean casserole or mac and cheese. I'll bet there's even another side dish or two that you would add.

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