As much as we all love these addictively delicious cookies, it is sometimes easy to forget how important a role they play in the growth of Girl Scouts into future leaders, business people, parents, good citizens, etc. That's why Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons is asking us to think outside of the cookie box.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls about entrepreneurship. They have so much fun with friends while they're learning skills like money management, public speaking, and decision making.

Even better, for every box of cookies you purchase, that money stays local to help our scouts take part in amazing experiences and leadership opportunities.

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If you're a lemon lover like me, I highly recommend the Lemon Ups, which is described as a "crispy lemon cookie baked with inspiring messages to lift your spirits". Those messages are influenced by Girl Scout entrepreneurs. 'I am a go-getter' and 'I am an innovator' are among the eight phrases that bring the "experience of Girl Scouting to life."

If chocolate, caramel, and coconut are more your speed, you can't go wrong with Samoas. These are so good with a cup of coffee or mixed into homemade chocolate ice cream! I always have a box of these hanging out in my freezer,

You will be able to find a Girl Scout Cookie virtual booth near you by using their handy-dandy locator. You can also use their mobile app or digital platform to get your hands on the cookies you crave.

So make room in your freezer, it's almost time to stock up on Girl Scout Cookies! Girl Scout cookie season begins on Friday, February 12, and you won't have to hunt too hard to bag several boxes of these delectable goodies.

For more information, see Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons onlineon Facebook, or call 1-800-666-2141.

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