Apparently, Americans feel the need to hit the open road and begin healing from the life-crushing pandemic health guidelines set forth by the CDC. And it's a good idea. I think we've all seen enough of the inside walls of our living rooms to last a lifetime and we're eager for open-air and no more Zoom meetings.

The RV industry is one of the beneficiaries of this craving to head out on the highway - or the open water as boat sales seem to be following the trend, too. According to Fox Business sales of recreational vehicles have surged. RV Share, an online rental site reports a 1,000% increase in business. It's getting harder to find an RV to rent - or to buy. The appeal of having your own kitchen, bath, and living room are attractive in these uncertain times of COVID-19. Plus, you get to wake up to a different view of creation every time you park for the night.

RVs and boats provide attractive alternatives to vacation more safely as families are eager to get out of the house. At the same time, RVing and boating offer a great solution to social distancing for families that want to travel the country and experience the great outdoors." ~ LCI Industries' CEO Jason Lippert

As nice as all of the commercials and ads make taking an RV on vacation look, it can be difficult at times. I don't know that first hand as I've never owned one but I've seen the movie RV starring Robin Willimas and I'm terrified of the vehicle's septic system. I have a fear the kids would see their dad trying to attach two poo hoses when things go terribly wrong. And these always the "fun" campground neighbors.

Youtube Movies
Youtube Movies

On second thought, I think we'll stick to the tents in the wilderness.

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