Snow is on the way. More snow. Apparently, we haven't had enough.

The older I get, the more I hate winter. The snow. The cold. The wind.

Have I mentioned I'm not a big fan of winter?

But it wasn't always that way. There was a day when the snow and cold meant fun, fun, fun! From building snowmen to snowball fights to constructing the coolest snow fort ever. And with a good half foot of snow or so, getting some friends over for a rousing game of Fox and Hound.

For those that might not be familiar, think 'Tag', only with snowsuit, scarf, mittens, and snow boots. And for crying out loud, you have to stay on the path!

There it was, that beautiful layered snow out on the lawn. You'd make a path through the fresh snow, never straight, always weaving and winding, twirling this way and that, trudging along. A kind of maze. And the rules of the game were pretty simple.

Chase me.

But there was one big rule: You CANNOT ever stray from that path. No cutting across, no stomping through the snow. Stay on the crazily weaved path, I'll be the fox and you be the hound. And when you catch me and tag me (probably falling down in the process), we'll switch. You be the fox and run! I'll be the hound and chase. But remember, if you leave that predetermined fair! And the argument would begin.

Simple? Yes. And you got cold and wet and tired. And happy.

Now, I'll just sit inside and look out the window and build that Fox and Hound game in my memory. And sip some good hot coffee.

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