So, is there a 'proper way' to load the silverware in your dishwasher? Sure, you could read the manual and follow the directions there, but truth be told, how people actually load the silverware in their dishwasher is probably discussed as much as which way to properly load the toilet paper spool.

I've seen people do it both ways. I can appreciate both ways. Sort of.

My mom always said we put it in handle up. When I asked why she mentioned something about going to college and it's more sanitary, so I just jumped on board.

But not everyone agrees. And I can see it both ways. Say for instance you put your forks in 'tines up' and knives blades up you are probably fine as long as you don't have young kids emptying the dishwasher. I look at the pointy things and start wondering if my wife still has a good supply of Band-Aides in the bathroom cupboard.

Some would argue that by leaving them 'eating side up' that they might get cleaner. That could be. The most important thing is that they come out clean, right?

So, How about you? Do you load your silverware in, handles up? Or handles down? I'd love to hear from you what your theory on the matter is.

Next week we'll tackle another tough subject at our house, which is 'how to properly load bowls into the dishwasher and 'is it OK to wash big bowls in the sink by hand instead of running the dishwasher 14 times a week.

As usual, if you have an angle you would like to share, you can reach me anytime via email.

Side note: If Elmer Karl happens to read this post, he might suggest that I use a clean dishwasher to capture my photo with next time. I would agree!

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