Sioux Falls is a robust, growing, and vibrant American town. Or city, call it what you will.

I call it the greatest city in the world. I've lived here for over two decades now and have watched it grow, spread out, and thrive. There are fine folks that have lived here their whole lives, and others who moved in last year.

Or maybe last week.

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So the question is, are we typical? Is Sioux Falls a representative city in the United States?

In this day and age, there are surveys and statistics on everything, and I mean everything! Every day I see numbers about this and that and the other thing, too. And so it is I saw percentages and stats for everything...even stuff I really, truly don't care about.

With all that being said, is Sioux Falls typical? Average? Check out these 8 different things and judge for yourself.

OK, I don't let my fuel light come on, I don't go down the pregnancy test aisle, I'm not a sunglasses guy and my license plate number is 1...something, something, something, something.

Hey, I'm a typical kind of Sioux Falls, South Dakota guy. How about you?

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