Have you ever tried driving barefoot? It's pretty awkward, the pedal feels weird on your foot, and there's a good chance your foot will slip off the pedal. It can definitely be dangerous and I'm not sure any driving experts would recommend it, but is it illegal to drive a vehicle barefoot in the state of South Dakota?

I've just always assumed barefoot driving was illegal everywhere. And while each state has its own unique laws (I'm looking at you, cell phone laws) it seems like most states would be in agreement with each other on this one.

I can honestly say I was pretty shocked when I began researching this. Because, as it turns out, not only is it legal to drive barefoot in South Dakota, it's legal to drive barefoot everywhere!

Am I the only one who thought barefoot driving was illegal? Not even close. A study was done by thezebra.com that showed quite the opposite, actually. It seems most people have always believed it was illegal.

Unfortunately, barefoot driving also seems to be one of the latest video challenges that people with too much time on their hands are participating in. On search on YouTube for "barefoot driving" shows it.

So, is it legal? Yes. Is it a bad idea? Also yes. In fact, most states strongly encourage drivers to wear appropriate footwear at all times.

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Story Source: thezebra.com

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