Ahh, summertime. No more worrying about ice on overpasses and bridges (hey, in these weird times, you find little blessings wherever you can). The parkas and sweaters are packed away in the back of the closet. The air conditioner is on, and it's great to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.

And oops...sometimes a little too much sunshine.

I've enjoyed this beautifully sculpted bald head of mine for quite a few decades now. And at that time, it didn't take long to learn one thing: Cover that noggin with a cap or splash on some sunscreen. If you don't, in a day or so you'll feel the burn, and isn't my bald head beautiful when it's flaking and peeling? Not to mention, of course, the health hazards of the sun and skin.

So, it's off to to the store to pick up some sunscreen. And like just about everything else, there's quite a price range. Yep, all the way from cheap to...geez, I might have to get a loan for that bottle!

Are the expensive ones worth the price? Probably not.

According to an article I was reading on DealNews.com, the main difference between the two may just be the price. I guess even an old dog like me can still learn things because they say that sunscreens are regulated by the FDA just like drugs. What does that mean?

Well, it means SPF 30 is SPF 30 regardless of price. They're the same. So go ahead, compare the label info and get the cheaper one. And by the way, the recommendation is at least SPF 30.

You can read the article and get all the information here. As for me, I'm going to head on out and enjoy my favorite time of year. After, of course, I rub down this big bald melon with some sunscreen.

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