Apparently Iowans love to drink! In fact just this past week Iowa State fans who were in Memphis during the Liberty Bowl drank all of the Bush Light beer at Jerry Lawlers Hall of Fame bar.

According to KCCI, The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division released its annual list of the top 5 liquors in 2017:

#5. Five O’Clock Vodka-61,770 cases were sold in 2017.

#4. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey-One of the most popular whiskey's came in at number 4 with 84,391 cases sold.

#3. Hawkeye Vodka-This one I have never heard of. The Number one Vodka sold 102,955.

#2. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum-This is the rum Iowans prefer the most. With 108,160 cases sold last year.

#1. Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey-If this list tells you anything is that Iowans love their Whiskey and Vodka. 163,812 cases of this whiskey were purchased 2017.

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