A farmer from the northern Iowa town of Floyd will spend time behind bars for selling corn that he wasn't supposed to.

Fifty nine-year old Leroy Jones, was handed a sentence of six months in federal prison by a judge on Wednesday. The Globe Gazette reported that the sentence came after Jones' plea of guilty.

Jones was being prosecuted for selling corn that he had put up as collateral on farm loans he had secured with the USDA. There were two loans worth close to $200,000.

The farmer had pledged over 100,000 bushels of corn worth more than $300,000 as security on these loans. But he then sold all the corn over the next year.

The judge also ordered Jones to pay nearly $138,000 in restitution.

After serving his time in prison, he will be under supervision for a period of two years. Also due to being convicted of a felony, he can no longer legally possess firearms or ammunition.

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