These days, if you're a beer drinker, you have a million choices.  OK, maybe not a million, but...several thousand!

Not only different brands, but different flavors of each brand.  Want a beer that tastes like apples?  Limes?  Raspberries?  Dark?  Light?  Lite?  Maybe you prefer a beer that has a name you can't even pronounce.  They have lots of those.

It wasn't always that way, at least where I was from.  Nope.  When i was a kid, my Dad and his friends pretty much had two choices.  You could either have a Grain Belt, or you could have a Hamms.  But wait....there was one more choice.

Falstaff.  Yes, I do seem to recall Falstaff.

And as this classic commercial will testify, if you wanted man size pleasure (with room for more!), well, you wanted a Falstaff.