These days a major league baseball game is, well, everywhere! And if you happen to miss a game, no worries, the highlights are on your smartphone right now and will be on ESPN tonight.

It wasn't always that way. Nope. Us Baby Boomers remember in the, ah, 'old days', things were just a bit different.

As a kid in the 1960's, we'd get a select few Minnesota Twins games on television each year.  It was always a great treat to watch my hero's...Oliva, Mincher, Rollins, Mudcat and, of course, the greatest of all....Harmon!

And those games were sponsored by Hamms Beer.  If you grew up in what they now call 'Twins Territory', you loved the Hamms Bear. He was their commercial spokes...bear. Yep, before commercials featuring Aaron Rogers, Peyton Manning, Lebron James and Kirk Cousins, there was a bear. A very famous bear, at least 'round these parts.

And I've mentioned before that, at least where I grew up, there was two beer's that my Dad and the other 'old boys' would drink.  It was either Grain Belt or Hamms.

So take a trip back and sing along....'From the land of sky blue waters...'



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