Sometimes things or aspects of life never really cross our minds.  For example, I just learned that you can lift some electric stovetops to clean the inside and around the sides of the oven burners. Who knew?! There are other household and garden items that should be cleaned often including bird feeders.

So why is it so important to clean your bird feeders?  Why can't Mother Nature take care of this chore?  Simply put, birds can carry infectious diseases once they get sick. Birds primarily catch diseases because of dirty bird feeders. If birds become ill, then humans may also be at risk of contracting the same disease.  It's similar to getting any other contagious disease and nobody wants that...

All About Birds website explains, "Bird droppings and other contaminants may also spread infectious bird diseases. ...Clean the ground below your feeders to prevent a build-up of hulls, uneaten seeds, and other waste. Moldy or spoiled food is unhealthy both for birds and for your outside pets."  Yep...pets can even be affected by dirty bird feeders.

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I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed the other day, and I saw a post from one of my friends in Indiana.  Currently, Indiana is actually experiencing sick and dying Blue Jays, American Robins, common grackles, Northern Cardinals, and other songbirds.  The Indiana Department of Natural Resources explains on its Facebook page just how dangerous this situation is.  They are even urging all residents via social media accounts including Twitter to remove all bird feeders from their properties.

Are there any reports of birds such as Blue Jays, American Robins, or Northern Cardinals dying in the Sioux Empire?  No, thank goodness.  However, in order to avoid an outbreak of dying birds like in the Hoosier state, let's properly maintain our bird feeders in an effort to protect nature and keep wildlife healthy.

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