The ice rink near our home at Tuthill Park in Sioux Falls was busy Saturday night. There were several people including entire families ice skating on a warm evening under the lights.

Yes, it was nice to have the warm temperature for comfort, but the ice was a little on the soft side, however still great for skating. I must give my compliments to the team of workers that make it all possible.

The staff in the warming house was great. They were there to make sure anyone who needed skates got the proper size. They were very friendly and even helpful with fitting them on with the necessary strap adjustments.

It was really fun on the well lit rink with music on the loud speakers. The size of the rink is huge, allowing plenty room for everyone from the expert skaters to the novice level. See locations of six outdoor ice rinks in Sioux Falls online.

I talked to one family with four children all skating. One of their girls was only five years old.

I stayed on the sidelines watching my son have a blast. He did take a moment to stop and wave.

Mark Jr Waving
Mark Tassler, Results Radio

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