Within seconds of shooting up with cocaine,  Robert Myers wanted more.  “I had a quick, euphoric feeling.  A user would say, the drug lights you up.  My senses were heightened and the cocaine created a craving desire of a fleshly nature to do all sorts of things.  But, it only lasts about 20 minutes.  Then, you have to do it again to maintain the high.  That’s why it’s such an addictive drug.”

  While hooked on the drug in his 50’s, Robert was walking on the edge of life. “It took me into a culture I didn’t know anything about. I didn’t experiment with drugs until I was 48 years old.  All of a sudden, I was driving in neighborhoods where people quite often got robbed and killed.  I even went to sleep a couple of times driving my car.  It’s a miracle that I’m even alive today.  I’m a diabetic and didn’t take my medicine.  My sugar got way out of control.   I learned there are 3 things you can look forward to do when you do crack cocaine---jail, institutions and death.   God spared me the third one.”

  Now that he is finally getting help at a mid west rescue mission, Robert is an advocate for treatment programs.  “There’s a lot of rehabs and I’m been in more than one.  None of them worked for me.  But, the program I’m in right now is Bible-based.  I believe Jehovah God—the Sovereign God of this universe--- is the only person that can give you enough strength to sever the addiction from your life.  Anybody who thinks they can do it by themselves is a time bomb ticking waiting to go off.  You can’t kick it by yourself.”

The Kentucky minister is now in recovery.  In Robert Meyer’s words,   “I have a new lease on life.  Praise God!  I have the opportunity to get my life going again.  So many addicts never get a second chance.  Thanks to my faith, life is good.  Helen Keller was right on target when she said, ‘Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.’  The light shrines bright for me.”