I don't know if I'm becoming lactose intollerant or what, but here recently milk and I haven't been getting along. "So try almond milk" a frind of mine says - OMG! I have never tasted anything so disgusting since that time grandma made lutefisk.

I don't normally share my "personal stomach issues" with others, but I was going through some of the prep services we get here at the radio station and noticed February 16 is Natonal Almond Day. Who knew? And that is what got me thinking about almond milk.

After seeing that, curiousity got the best of me and I had to find out more about this yummy little nut that makes such a horrible tasting liquid (again, not milk). The first thing I discovered was the almond actually has it's own website - again, who knew.

I also learned there are roughly 25 different types and varities of almonds grown in the state of California alone and each nut is then classified into a special category based on its size and shape. Most grown in California are either Nonpareil, California or Mission.

And then there are all the health benefits of almonds. WOW. Mom always said that almonds were good for you, but I really had no idea just how good until I started researcing all these interesting websites about almonds - good stuff.

And then I stumble across the website regarding almond milk. Growing up on a dairy farm, I know what real milk is - and almond milk is not milk. I'm still not quite sure how it's made, but basically they crush up a bunch of almonds and mix it with water.

Yeah, I know, disgusting, huh? And right about now you're probably expecting me to tell some sort of joke about "so just how do you milk an almond?" or "where are the teets on an almond?" or "do almonds have to be milked twice a day like dairy cows?"

I'll spare you the grief, you can come up with your own jokes. All I know is almond milk is far from being real milk. For those of you who argue differently, go ahead and drink your icky, dirty-looking water. Have at it. In fact, you can have my share,

All I know is my grandpa, who farmed and milked cows his entire life, would turn over in his grave if he knew we were drinking "milk made from almonds." I've since gone back to using skim milk on my cereal. It may not be the best, but at least it's real milk.

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