Faith Hill was country music's most recognizable female star for nearly a decade and is still one-half of country music's most famous couple today. The singer, mother, model and actress has kept a low profile in recent years, meaning the next generation of country fans may not appreciate her legacy.

We're here to help. Can you believe it's been more than 15 years since Hill released a studio album of solo originals? Her Fireflies album (2005) was the last time she dropped a finished project on fans, but she did sprinkle a few bread crumbs a decade ago, and there has been some promise of a solo album with her current record label home.

What happened to that album, and the what it will take for Hill to record and release new music again today are just part of what you'll find buried within this Faith Hill Trivia video. Super fans may go six-for-six, but we say three or four questions right is good enough for a passing grade. Her birthday gift to herself, the eyebrow-raising movie scene that made her blush and the very professional way she met husband Tim McGraw are all included.

But what about that new music?

Watch: How Well Do You Know Faith Hill?

Other facts about Hill's life and career revolve around her failed audition and her 41st birthday gift to herself. It was actually a gift to all country music fans when it hit newsstands in 2008.

How many did you answer correctly?

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