Sinclair Broadcast Network is looking into providing its own streaming service for the Bally Sports regional networks. How much would you pay to access it?

We have detailed the issues that fans of the Minnesota Twins, Wild, and Timberwolves have had in accessing and watching Bally Sports North. Once Sinclair Broadcast Network purchased the regional sports networks from FOX Sports, the number of providers for the channel significantly decreased. This occurred due to Sinclair increasing the rate on the providers.

That meant no more Bally Sports North on services like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and Dish Network. Fans were left in the dark from seeing the local teams. Many fans have retaliated on social media demanding that they have access to watch their favorite teams. It appears as if Sinclair Broadcast Network has heard enough.

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The New York Post is reporting that Sinclair is in the process of raising $250 million in order to launch its own streaming service that would be direct to consumers. This would give fans in blackout markets (such as Sioux Falls for the Twins/Wild/Timberwolves) access to those games without having to have cable, DirecTV, or AT&T Now service. The company hopes to have this going by the start of the 2022 baseball season.

Now the important part for the fans. How much would this cost per month? The target price that is currently being discussed is $23 per month ($276/year) to access Bally Sports North.

Compared to other streaming services such as ESPN+, Disney+, Netflix, and others, the Bally Sports North price would be a significant increase in price over a standard streaming service. MLB.TV, for a full season, runs about $130 or about $21 per month from April-September. MLB.TV doesn't include access to local area games such as the Twins. The price that Sinclair is asking for is not far off from that subscription service, however, it doesn't include every team (Fans would only be able to subscribe to the area in which they live. For example, Sioux Falls would only get access to Bally Sports North.

So would you pay $23 per month to watch the Twins, Timberwolves, and Wild? Or is the price too steep? Either way, it sounds like this potential solution is on the verge of happening.

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